About Us




ANTHOM is founded on the ideal of the well-rounded, thoughtful, and effortless woman who embraces all that is curious in the world. This woman does not represent a certain race, ethnicity or socioeconomic background, but instead a state-of-being: style, curiosity, intellect. She is equally comfortable being a mother as she is a CEO.



Thoughtful womenswear //

  • Aesthetics - unique, beautiful, versatile, functional
  • Responsibility - crafted with purpose and respect for mankind and the environment
  • Uplifting - power from the celebration of the unique diversity within us all

Iris was our first employee - still our muse


The ANTHOM Story

Founded in early 2013 in Washington DC, ANTHOM was launched as a tiny self-funded website selling independent designers. Through effort, a few lucky breaks, and the help of some great people we have worked our way to SoHo NYC. Now we operate our 3,000 sq/ft retail location, along with our online store, and manage the business of Yune Ho, our friend and business partner's women's contemporary clothing line that produces the majority of its garments in New York City.

Our first store - in Mosaic District, just outside Washington, DC - May 14th 2014

Chelsea NYC - our first NYC location - Jan 13th 2015


Our Company

Employees are the lifeblood of our company. We believe in an open, inclusive, working environment that celebrates diversity and brings out the best in individuals. We recognize that this ideal requires ongoing vigilance - which means we have a responsibility to evaluate and re-evaluate our work environment.

Strong Women

Dekota & Shameekia


Xiao & Emily


Yune Ho

The founders of ANTHOM became fast friends with Yune when they viewed his first collection at a trade show in 2013. His ability to create clothing that is sophisticated yet wearable - that elevates a woman's confidence - has always been an aesthetic and philosophical benchmark the ANTHOM founders aspire to achieve.

Three years later the founders and Yune decided to partner and the Yune Ho brand joined with ANTHOM. Yune is the designer and creative director, while Ashley and Marshall handle the business operations and garment production (most Yune Ho garments are manufactured in NYC).

Nora wears Yune Ho FW18 - with official mascot Howl

Kemi wears Yune Ho SS17



The Founders

Driven by more than monetary reward, the founders of ANTHOM continually aspire to create a business that celebrates unique individuality.


Ashley Turchin

Before leaving to found ANTHOM, Ashley was on track to become an attorney. She balanced work as an assistant in a prominent Washington, DC law firm with ANTHOM, many times working both jobs on the same days (and nights).

The "face" of ANTHOM, Ashley is passionate about customer and employee experience - to help our clients and staff feel best about themselves.

Ashley holds a degree in Political Science and her first job out of college was on Capitol Hill. Additionally, she attended college on a volleyball scholarship and has worked on and off as a model since she was a teenager.


Marshall Johnson

A serial entrepreneur with countless hobbies and interests, Marshall was working as a freelance photographer when Ashley approached him with her idea for an online clothing store, an idea that eventually became ANTHOM. Along with acting as the "hidden" managing partner of the company, Marshall guides the creative direction and structure of the company. This includes designing and building most of the furniture and fixtures found in the store, along with the website, and the photography.

Marshall holds a degree in Economics and has founded companies from dramatically different industries: one an online company selling high performance car parts, and another a mortgage marketing company.